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Alibaba Investment Case, two more book reviews published

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As you may know from my previous posts, I have been recently paying attention to developments in the Chinese Internet sector and started buying Alibaba shares. Today, I published my full investment thesis. Based on my analysis, the market seems to have overreacted to regulatory changes, and the stock now discounts quite a pessimistic scenario. I admit my knowledge of China is below that of an average investor, but I think if anyone can afford to ride out the volatility and have patience to wait 1-3 years, then that person would likely be rewarded in the end. You can read my full thesis here.

Apart from a traditional disclaimer that this write-up is by no means investment advice (full disclaimer), I would also like to note that the main reason for writing this thesis is to keep track of my thought process. Writing not only helps to think more clearly, but also reduces the negative consequences of various biases. Besides, if someone finds flaws in my reasoning or is kind enough to point out a factual mistake, I would be more than grateful for that.

Separately, I have recently finished (re-)reading two exciting books on human judgement and making decisions. You can find reviews of those books here and here.

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