About Me

My story

I have worked in finance for over 20 years, analysing businesses and making investment recommendations. I have been a CFA charterholder since 2006.

I also run my own concentrated personal portfolio of high-quality stocks.

When I was young, I watched black & white TV, the only TV set my parents could afford. Our family bought their first car in 1998 only.

Today, I live in one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in London.

My principles of successful investing

I view investing as a path to freedom - freedom to choose how you spend your time and to do what you believe in rather than what others want you to do.

I launched this website to share my investment experience and help others better analyse companies and make better decisions.

Investing is not that complicated if you follow a few core principles:

1. A stock is an interest in a business.

2. The long-term results of your investment are driven by the underlying performance of the business, not the changes in market sentiment.

3. You do not need to make too many decisions to achieve good results.
You don't need the highest IQ to succeed. The smartest person analysing what is a better option, Bitcoin or Ethereum, will still fail. If he managed to pick Amazon and invest 1% of his net worth in that stock in 2009, he would still do worse than someone who just bought a broad market ETF, allocating 30% of his net worth.

You automatically improve your chances by knowing where to look for great opportunities, having discipline and avoiding big mistakes.

For me, the best opportunities are among high-quality businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, run by great managers and sold at reasonable prices. I avoid companies whose business model I don't understand and especially leveraged companies with thin margins.

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