VAR Energi Investment Case

September 24, 2023
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I bought shares in Var Energi, a mid-sized Norwegian offshore oil & gas company with an annual dividend yield of c. 14%. The stock dropped almost 10% intraday on 22 September 2023 after its second-largest shareholder, HitecVision, sold a 6.3% stake at NOK29. On the same day, the company’s CEO bought 371,813 shares at NOK 29 (worth $1 million). Insiders have been consistently buying shares over the past 12 months.

The company has been producing around 210-220kb/d of oil & gas since 2022 and plans to raise production by almost 60% by the end of 2025 (350kb/d). It is already the second-largest producer in the Norwegian Continental Shelf after Aker BP. It has a reasonable reserves life of 13 years. Once its $2.3bn acquisition of Neptune Energy is completed, the new company should add 66kb/d of production (+30%) and 265mn boe of 2P reserves (+25%).

Its assets are fairly competitive with about $15/boe operating costs which are likely to go down as production ramps up.

Management expects about $17.5-20bn cumulative operating cash flow (at $70-90/bl) during 2023-27 (5 years). Capex and financing costs are about $12bn, which leaves over $1bn available for shareholder distributions (over 14% FCF yield).

The company distributes 20-30% of operating cash flow on dividends (over the cycle, meaning the payout can be lower in a weak oil price environment which would be made up later if and when prices recover). Management targets a 30% payout for 2023.
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