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Date of review: December 2020
Book author: Stephen Clapham
Вook published: 2020

The Smart Money Method: How to PICK STOCKS like a Hedge Fund Pro by Stephen Clapham (2020)

This is not a bad book for sure, but given that there are hundreds of great books and knowledge in other forms (interviews, articles, podcasts), I think I would rather read a different book given useful information/insights that I gained from the book relative to the time I spent reading it.
For sure, Mr Clapham is a highly intelligent investor and knows certain things way better than I do. However, I found the book neither too simple for a young investor nor sophisticated enough for more experienced ones. It is not that simple because the author does not focus on key concepts but rather tries to cover a wide range of issues, including the Internet and Electric Vehicles. The book also touches upon issues around accounting but does not go deep, so I think a young investor would struggle to walk away with one clear message after reading this book. Most likely, a reader would keep focusing on the news trying to understand its impact on stock prices, pay particular attention to quarterly results and other issues which, in my personal view, add little value to the real investment process.

Clearly, there is no right or wrong way of successful investing. Besides, I could have misunderstood and missed some important concepts in the book.

I would be curious to read a book by the same author dealing more with accounting issues, especially for software companies that rely on intangibles that are often not reflected in their balance sheets. I am sure with his experience he could write a wonderful book on this subject.

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