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Date of review: October 2020
Book author: Stephen King
Вook published: 2000

On Writing: A Memoir by Stephen King (first published in 2000)

Probably one of the least relevant books in an investor's library. However, I have come across numerous times that many successful investors, as a minimum, keep an investment diary, while a few write regular public letters, including Warren Buffett and Howard Marks. Most of them admit that writing helps them to better understand a problem.

King's passion

I also started to think more seriously about writing when I learnt that Jeff Bezos uses 6-page memos rather than presentations in internal discussions at Amazon.

While Stephen King is, of course, a well-known fiction writer, there are still a few useful pieces of advice shared in the book for anyone looking to write more. The most important element for me is that King talks about his passion – writing, rather than writing a book to 'add to his resume'.

I mostly focused on the second part of the book, which discusses the practical guide to writing, while the first part is a personal journey, although it is also quite interesting.

The most important lesson for me is that discipline is key in writing and spending a few hours a day (every day except perhaps 1 during the week) is crucial for becoming a successful writer.

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