About Me

I am Ildar Davletshin
I have worked in finance since 2003. I am currently an equity research analyst at a European investment bank. I cover certain stocks as part of my full-time job which I do not discuss on this website. This website is my hobby which I work on during my free time.

I am fortunate to have a wonderful family including two children. We currently live in London, England.

The two questions I am often asked are

1. What books on investing I would recommend reading
2. How I would invest my own money

I decided to keep my answers on a single website which you are now visiting

But more importantly, I decided to summarise the most important principles for having the right process, because it is more important than a single stock recommendation. I also try to update my thinking regularly by adding my latest thoughts on this website

This is a free website, mostly for people who already know me. However, if I can meet like-minded people through this website to discuss new ideas or challenge the old ones, share the experience or just have a meaningful conversation, then my efforts would be more than rewarded.

I have also realised that writing down your thoughts improves your decision-making process, so I hope this website could help me achieve that, too.

Of course, visitors should do their own homework before making investment decisions and undertake other necessary steps. There is no investment or other professional advice on this website.

I am very interested to hear your feedback or any other ideas. Please feel free to get in touch.